The Day I Shook The Hand Of Bob Dylan 1976: Actress/singer Ronee Blakley knew I was a huge Bob Dylan fan. I lucked out and obtained first row tickets at his 1974 Los Angeles concert. I sold my first photograph from this show and it was the start of my wonderful photo career. Ronee was performing at the Roxy and told me Bob was coming to the second set. He sat in the VIP section and was escorted backstage. Ronee got me back there and introduced me to Dylan. He was very friendly, remarking that I looked a bit like him. He gave me a really limp handshake that was not too impressive. Ronee grabbed him and we did this amazing set of photographs. I was in heaven. After this set, Bob set up another group shot of him with a new actor named Robert De Niro and other friends, including musician David Blue, actress/singer Lanie Kazan, actresses Martine Getty and Sally Kirkland. I did not have a clue who any of these folks were, but sold the shot to “People” and “Rolling Stone,” to name just a few.