My Breakfast With Frank Sinatra 1980: I love this photo! Celebrities like Frank, Dean and Sammy do not exist today. I could care less about photography in current Hollywood. I saw Frank around town at parties and restaurants only a couple of times, always surrounded by rather large bodyguards. I heard a rumor that there was a press conference for him at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I do not recall if I made arrangements with his publicist or if I just showed up. Back then, if you heard about it and showed up, it was no problem. You could never do that today. I arrived early, got the free breakfast and sat in the front row to get this totally amazing photograph. You know how many photographers were there? About six. Incredible. Today there would be hundreds. Frank left the press conference alone, except for the driver of a rather unflashy station wagon. He was very cooperative this afternoon because he was trying to sell something: a fight at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Watch out if you tried to photograph him when he had nothing to sell!